HR GDPR Briefing

The General Data Protection Regulation has been described as the biggest data protection change in a generation. It's set to alter the way businesses handle data for the foreseeable future, effecting in particular those who operate within Human Resources.

GDPR will regulate the way payroll information, employee details, people’s expenditures, medical records and other sensitive details are processed in the HR department.

A breach within a single department, such as HR, could be catastrophic for the entire organisation - join the HR GDPR Briefing and ensure your department is compliant in time. 


Job titles included;

Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Recruitment Officer, Chief People Officer, Director of Employment, Director of Benefits, Director of Human Resources, Director of Recruitment, Director of Employment and Recruiting, Director of Talent, Director of Talent Management, HR Manager, E-Learning Manager, Employee Relations Manager, Employee Retention Manager, Training and Development Manager, Payroll Manager, Manager of Risk and Compliance, Recruiting Manager, Staff Manager.

Previous attending companies include:

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