James Palmer

Head of Data Governance
Southern Water

James is Head of Data Governance at Southern Water and is tasked with designing, developing and delivering mature data governance for the organisation. James has been involved heavily in Southern Waters understanding and implementation of the GDPR. Southern Water supplies 524 million litres of drinking water from 89 water treatment works along 13,793 kilometres of water mains to customers’ taps.  It also treats and recycles 718 million litres of wastewater at 365 treatment works, after it is pumped through a network of 2,375 pumping stations and 39,600 kilometres of sewers each day. All this is administered through a vast network of employees and third party suppliers.

Previously James worked extensively with UK law enforcement in the collection, management, governance and sharing of information/data across all police forces and Government Departments. James is a specialist in Data Management Strategy, Data Governance Frameworks, GDPR and implementation change Strategies.