Shaun Beresford

GDPR Consultant
IT Governance

Prior to joining ITG as a GDPR Consultant in April 2017, Shaun was employed as the Criminal Records Policy Officer at the ACRO Criminal Records Office.  In this role he was responsible for identifying changes in legislation and government policies relative to the recording, retention and deletion of information held on national police systems including the Police National Computer (PNC), National DNA Database (NDNAD) and the national fingerprint repository, IDENT1.  Thereafter, Shaun assessed the impact of change on the Police Service and wrote supporting policies to manage the change requirements. Shaun also managed the National Record Deletion Unit based at ACRO and oversaw the processes defined in statutory guidance issued by the National DNA Database Strategy Board for the deletion of records from national police systems.

Whilst working at ACRO, Shaun was a member of various national police working groups including the National Freedom of Information, Data Protection and Records Management Portfolio; Information Managers in the Police Service Group; National Fingerprint Governance Group and National Information Sharing Portfolio. He also attended the PNC Information Access Panel and the Police PNC Policy & Prioritisation Group and between 2012 – 2017, he was the Secretary of the PNC Names Group.

In 2010, Shaun contributed to the Criminal Records Review carried out by Sunita Mason, the [then] Independent Advisor for Criminality Information Management and he was the Project Manager of the Review of Information Management Arrangements in the Police Service conducted on behalf of the National Police Chief’s Council.

Shaun was involved with the Criminal Justice System for over 30 years before becoming a GDPR Consultant.  Between 1977 and 2006 he served in the Royal Military Police in garrisons both at home and abroad and in his last Army posting he served as the Head of the Service Police Crime Bureau where he oversaw the running of the Hi-Tech Crime Unit, Central Criminal Intelligence and Information Office and the Telephone Investigation Unit. He also managed the Service Police criminal records database, a global IT network and a 24/7 Information Operations Room.

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